Monday, March 26, 2007

Let's play hide the jp drain from Lilith and other post op games

Today was my first day home alone with Lilith since having my surgery.
We walked to another park and played for awhile. It is still very hard
for her to understand that you can't climb on mommy like she is use to
and I have to hide my jp drain from her (which is especially fun while
breastfeeding). We got home and I trimmed her nails and hung up some of
her new outfits. We bought her new "spring wardrobe" from Babys'R'Us (or the $300 store as Will calls it because every time
we go there, we spend a minimum of $300). I totally forgot my afternoon
protein shake so by the time Will came home from work, I must have
looked pretty pale because he said he would be right back and came back
shortly with a Heidi's protein fruit shake. It was nummy but I can only
eat a little at a time. That is the thing about this surgery, you have
NO HUNGER. I also have LITTLE THIRST. This can be dangerous because I
can get so busy that I forget to have a shake or drink my liquids. I am
going to start setting out my bottled water and premixing my shakes in
the morning so I will have them there to remind me. I think for my walk
tommorrow, I will go get some more Naked "Protein Power" shakes from
the store. They really are the best I have had so far. Will was
pinching my butt as I was walking ahead of him and saying that it looks
like I've lost weight already. I bet I have, I am taking in less than
500 calories a day and what I am taking in is mostly protein. The
swelling has really gone down today and the pain is allot better. I don't think I could have cared for Lilith even yesterday but today wasn't too bad. There is a housekeeper
at work that cleans houses on her off days (they do 3-12 hour shifts a
week for full time). She talks to me when she sees me working and when
I told her I was having this surgery, she offered to come do our house.
I was going to refuse but when she called today, Will told me to ask
her about coming on a regular basis (like very other week just to do
the bathrooms, kitchen, ironing, and perhaps vacuum ). I have no idea
what she would charge for this as I know the housekeepers at my
hospital make $20+ an hour (they get the same differentials that we do as
nurses) and our house is so big. Will thinks I won't be able to keep up
with it now that I have weekly support groups, Lilith play dates , trips
to Denver every week, and normal errands. I honestly don't have the
time to clean this house from top to bottom like I did our old one (it
was 1/3 the size and one level), it only took one day to clean and
organize. I usually get one room done a day now. Lilith is getting more
independent and stays in her rainbow baby jail long enough for me to
clean somewhat but when I try to push it, like mopping ALL of the tile
floors, she usually gets pretty mad. I was honestly quite surprised that Will suggested
it as I am home 5-6 days a week but as one of my friends remarked
yesterday, "maybe all husbands need to spend a few days taking care of
the house and the children just to see how hard it really can be". I
guess after a few days of taking care of the house (I have to admit the
house looked pretty much the same when I got back, even the dishes and
laundry were done) and Lilith, made him realize how hard it can be
certain days.
I am trying to read several of the books that I bought on weight loss surgery and the best one so far has been "weight loss Surgery for Dummies" It is very informative and funny. It is very easy to read and has losts of helpful hints on several different types of weight loss
surgeries. I like the layout of the book very much because it is the
kind of book you can put down and pick up days later and pick up where
you left off with no problem. If you buy any book aboutweight loss surgery, get this one!

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