Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mental Hunger verses Physical Hunger

Television is bad. Yesterday after Lilith was in bed and I had
showered, Will and I sat down to watch a DVD that we have had forever
but never get around to watching. I told him that he should get his
dinner (since he hadn't eaten yet) and we could watch it. I was still
working on my lastprotein shake and strangely enough, other people eating doesn't seem to bother me. My sense of smell is so intensified that most food smells bad to me. Strange but true. He was toasting
English muffins the other morning while I was downstairs and I was sure
the house was on fire. He didn't even toast them dark. Anyway, I am
watching some mindless TV program while waiting and I notice that
almost every other commercial is for or about food.Eventually a few come on that make me think,"um that does sound good", but then I realize that , "I AM NOT HUNGRY
". Hey I told you television is bad. I was actually working slowly on
my shake so that I would be able to finish it without feeling too full.
Even though I wasn'thungry at all (actually almost full), this stuff on
the commercials was tempting. Why? Advertisers know how to do their
jobs well, look at the state of obesity in our country, and you know
it's true. Never before in history has one society had so much surplus
of food. Imagine how much goes bad in our own refrigerators, much less at the grocery stores, and what must be tossed each night at a restaurant. I am glad that I watch so little television. I can see how it's constant bombardment of adds for this and that affects you. scary huh?

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