Friday, March 16, 2007

The True Power of Water

This is a great book where a scientist took different types and samples of water and froze them to see what types of ice crystals, if any they produced. They also exposed the water to different words, music, and pictures to see if it had any effect. The results were amazing. I wish I could show you the photos of the resulting crystals. There are many in the book and they are facinating. You can order this book from The following are just a few excerpts from the book.
" As we were exposing water to lots of words and taking photographs of the resulting crystals, my eyes were glued to one photo, more beautiful than any other water crystal pictures I had seen. I was fascinated by its beauty. The words we had shown to the water were, "love and gratitude". Since then, we have talked to water with many kind words, showed it beautiful pictures, and played wonderful healing music, but we have never again been able to take water crystal pictures as beautiful as the one that resulted from showing water the words "love and gratitude" To water, the words, "love and gratitude" must be the best information."
"In my research, it became clear that water improves or deteriorates reflecting the information it takes in. This led me to believe that we humans beings are also affected by the information we take in, because 70 percent of an adults body is water."
"In essence, we are water. By taking in good water, we can expect to maintain our health. However, good, pure water has become a precious commodity. The previous century experienced many wars over fire, namely oil. Some people predict that this century will have battles over water. "
"I noticed many common characteristics that diseased people share and discovered the close correlation between people's emotions and affected parts of their body."
"For example, those who feel stress tend to have problems with their intestines. Worries are often expressed as problems in the cervical nerves, irritabilities in the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nerve system, excess fear in the kidneys, and anxiety in the stomach. You might want to think about your present emotions and physical conditions. Do they agree with these findings? Worry is often the cause of illness. When your emotional conditions improve, your illness often moves toward recovery."
"The very source of my physical strength is my positive attitude. Conversely, those who think negatively tend to become ill easily."
"A family that subscribed to our magazine conducted an interesting experiment. They put rice in two glass jars, everyday for a month said, "thank you" to one jar and "you fool" to the other, and then they tracked how the rice changed over the period. Even the children, when they got home from school, would speak these words to the jars of rice. After a month, the rice that was told "thank you" started to ferment, with a mellow smell like that of malt, while the rice that was exposed to "you fool" rotted and turned black. The result of the experiment has a significant meaning. The hardest thing for life is to be ignored and given no attention. To give your attention to something is a way of giving energy."
"We spend our lives near devices that generate electromagnetic waves, and our bodies hado is certainly disturbed by them. For instance, when we are exposed to electromagnetic waves for a long time, especially when we do not feel well and our immune system is compromised, a disease process may be triggered."
"In addition to the regular samples of distilled water, we prepared bottles of distilled water labled "love and gratitude" and exposed them to the electromagnetic waves of a microwave oven, a cell phone, a television set, and a personal computer. In the same conditions as the regulaer samples, the set of samples with "love and gratitude" were also showered with strong electromagnetic waves. The water labled "love and gratitude" showed hardly any negative effects of the waves. Unlike the water in the regular bottles, all of the sampled water labled "love and gratitude" formed beautiful crystals"
"In order to protect ourselves from the electromagnetic waves generated by the devices we use, we could say, "love and gratitude" whenever we use them."
"When I wake up in the morning, I sit up and settle down. Then I gaze at the glass of water pre-placed at my bedside. For about thirty seconds, I verbalize my gratitude by saying things like "I thank you and I ask you for a nice day today." Then I drink half ofthe water. Next I think about what I need to do during the day. With the feeling of success that I imagine upon completing each task, I say to the water, "everything went well, and I thank you". Then I drink the remaining water."
"since the quality of water improves or deteriorates depending on the information given to it, the corollary for humans, who are made up primarily of water, is to take in good information. When we do, our minds and body and become healthier. Conversely, when we take in negative information, we can get sick."
"The price of water is about the same as that of oil, although the price of oil includes a huge amount for the contract, shipping, and refining. Depending on the type, water can be more expensive than oil."

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