Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thank goodness for my husbands job!

the cost of surgery
I can't even imagine having to choose between a cheap car or weight loss surgery but I very well might have been put into that position if my husband hadn't had such a great job with such stellar insurance. Thank you SO much honey!
Important dates and how far post op I will be at them;

Being a bridesmaid at my friends wedding (late June) 3 months post op, so hopefully, 35+ pounds gone(average weight loss is 15 pounds a month post operatively so I am giving myself a low estimate)

Going to my family reunion (early September)5 1/2 months post op, so hopefully, 60+ pounds gone

Going to Florida for Will's family reunion (Late December or early January) 9 months post op, so hopefully, 95+ pounds gone!

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