Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween bentos

Peanut butter biscuit bones and strawberry jelly dip, carrots, fruit leather pumpkins, orange jello/yogurt pumpkin, cheese skull and cross bones, protein chips, and fortune cookie

Strawberry Jelly dip with peanut butter biscuit jack o lantern and candy corn (decorated with frosting pens), fruit leather beaker, protein chips, carrots, cheese ghosts and pumpkins, and chocolate energy bite

Cheese witch, cat, and caldron, apples, cream cheese and wheat thins, carrots, m&ms ( it was pizza day so this was more of a snack lunch)

Turkey dog and almond witch fingers with teriyaki sauce, fruit leather owls and bats on grapes and cherries, cheese witch hats and broom on Mac and cheese, carrots and fortune cookie

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