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Feng shui for your desktop and studying

Choose the right screen saver:
It should be directly related to the work you would like to be doing. If your business is founded on trust and nurturing, such as nursing, choose a screen saver that conveys warmth and reliability, like a family photo or a picture of your pet.
You can always change your screen saver to nurture your professional goals such as choosing a screen saver with bright colors like red, orange, or pink when you need to make a public presentation. To sharpen your thinking choose a screen saver with lots of grey, white, or pastel colors. Need to gain trust a persons trust, choose an image with lots of earth tones like brown, yellow, and tan. An image with lots of bright energizing colors like green and purple is good when you need ideas for a project. If you feel you need self confidence, choose a screen saver that has lots of dark colors like black, blue, and charcoal. These colors also help develop intuition.

Screen arrangement
Personal files
Keep personal files in a folder at the top right hand corner of your screen. This area governs relationships on your screen. Placing your personal folder here will remind you to keep a balance between your personal and professional lives.

Address book
Place your address book in the lower right corner of your desktop. This area represents helpful people. Keeping your business contacts up to date will help you create a pool of reliable, talented people upon whom you can rely. This is also a good spot to place your customer or patient profiles.

Resource materials
Files that you use on a daily basis should be placed in a folder in the center portion of the bottom of your desktop. This spot represents your self esteem. Drawing from this file on a daily basis will bolster your confidence and make it easier to face challenges.

Dreaded projects
Any projects/products that you dread should be placed on the lower left side of your desktop. This area governs wisdom. By treating these projects/products as learning experiences, they can strengthen your performance rather than inhibit it.

Clear your clutter
Keeping your desktop tidy and organized is the best Feng Shui cure of all. A little upkeep can make a big difference in your school/work performance. Go through your files and trash the ones you no longer need and back up the ones you do. Periodically move things around according to priority.

In Feng shui, your environment mirrors who you really are and what you think about yourself. It is best to apply Feng shui to the places and spaces where you spend the most time.
Your study area/ home office
Have have this area as far away from your bedroom as possible.
Decorate/plan this area with Success, well being, and productivity in mind.
Use specific images, Feng shui colors, and decor that reflects the image you want to project into the world.
Place an image of a mountain or landscape behind you for support. Having a high backed chair is considered very supportive also.
Try to incorporate a comfortable amount of natural light and fresh air.
Place your desk in a command position. This means you do not have your back facing a door, and not facing a wall when you sit at it. If you must face a wall, have an inspiring feng shui piece of art hung on it.
Sit facing your Fu Wei direction whenever possible. When pursuing educational endeavors, it is best to sleep with your head pointed toward your Fu Wei or Sheng Chi direction. This will help you feel energized and highly motivated. It will also help you attract the attention of the teacher or mentor. Try to sit where you are able to see the door from where sitting. Remove sharp objects from your desk such as cactus plants.
It is better to be to have your back to someone than to be positioned facing another person directly, because facing someone constantly will cause confrontational energies to build up between you and that person.
Try to avoid sleeping with your head pointed toward or sit facing your Lui sha direction as this can adversely affect your studies. You should also try to face objects with sharp edges away from your study and sleeping areas. This includes bookshelves. It is best to have shelves with doors or rounded edges.
The use of quartz crystals enhance study luck. Make sure you pick one that feels good to you and resonates with your own energy. Clean it In salt water for seven days before use and recharge it occasionally by exposing it to natural sunlight. Placing a pagoda in the northeast corner of your study room or desk will help you sort out priorities and keeps you from being distracted.
In chinese culture, wearing gold jewelry is believed to bring good luck, and when the piece of jewelry is fashioned into an auspicious symbol, the luck is amplified. A gold amulet featuring the four implements required for successful study (a scroll or book, a chess set/piece or an abacus, a musical instrument, and an art brush or art symbol) would be very good luck for a student.
Placing a dragon on the right hand side of your desk facing the window or door is good for prosperity. Wind chimes symbolize money and good chi (healthy energy).
Having sick or unhealthy plants and broken or damages items (especially when they represent wealth) is considered very unlucky and should be removed.

The bagua
The space right in front of you, represented by the water element and the color black. The entrance of a room or house. This is the most important area to keep clutter free and pleasing to the eye as it is the first thing people see and forms their first impression. By having clutter in the entranceway or the path to your door obstructed means opportunities can't get in. A red front door is considered very auspicious. Avoid having your front door facing a dead end street or negative image. If you cannot avoid this, hang a mirror over your front door to reflect the negativity back and away from you.

Wisdom/self knowledge
The space closest to you on the left hand side, represented by the earth element and the colors blue or green. Place books, study materials, anything that reminds you of the end goal of your educational endeavors ( such as images of nurses or your stethoscope) here. Place a globe here and activating it by spinning it daily. A crystal globe is especially good in because it double represents the earth element because crystals are earth symbols.

Helpful people and travel
The space closest to you on the right hand side, represented by the metal element and the colors grey and mauve. Keep your telephone, address books, photos and images of mentors, friends, and people that are good resources to you in this area. Place travel photos and art that represents places you WANT to visit here also.

The space in the center of the room or desk, the heart of the home, represented by the earth element and the by earth tones and more specifically the color yellow. Another area that is very important to keep clutter free as it represents the health of the occupants. It is usually a gathering place for the family/occupants and should be furnished with comfortable seating and be conductive to activities that promote socialization.

Family and community
The center left hand side of a room or desk represented by the wood element and the color green. Place family photos and items from your past that remind you of PLEASANT experiences. Place souvenirs/photos from enjoyable past vacations here.

Creativity and children
The center right hand side of a room or desk represented by the metal element and the pastel colors and the color white. Place photos of your children here. If possible give a bedroom in this area of your house to your children or make a play area in this area in your living room /den. Place artistic and musical instruments here.

Fame, reputation, and social life
The area back center area of a room or desk represented by the fire element and red tones. Place candles, light, and mirrors in this area. This area represents your image to others. This area should reflect how you wish to appear to the outside world. Place images of roosters here to prevent gossip and bickering.

Wealth/prosperity and self worth
The far left hand side of the room or desk represented by the wood element and the colors purple, green, and gold. Place expensive items and symbols of comfort and luxury here. Things that make you feel lucky or blessed should go here. It is said what area is in this area of your home is what you will spend your money on and it's state order represents your relationship with money. Never have broken or nonfunctioning items in this area. This is the best area for your kitchen or dining room. Placing a mirror over your stove or reflecting your dining room table is said to double your abundance.

Marriage, partnership, and relationships
The far right hand side of the desk or room represented by the earth element and the color pink, red, and earth tones. This area represents your intimate world. Enhance this area with love symbols. Try to have your bedroom in this area. Never place games or toys in this area as it means you will encounter game playing in your love relationships. Always have paintings or art with couples in this area not single or individuals. Pairs Mandarin ducks and swans (any animal that mates for life) is especially good. It is also believed that having electronic devices (such as TVs) and religious symbols in the bedroom is very bad.

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