Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I won't have to hear from my mother about the next time..

you and your family are evicted, in the homeless shelter, fired, mad at another friend/family member that has been supporting you or paying your bills, your next out of wedlock grandchild, late or cut off welfare services, complaining about living for free with people that you are mooching off, the next member of your family in jail, failed educational attempts by you and your children, your husbands indiscretions/ violence toward you & others, your disturbing sex life, not to mention the drug and substance abuse that takes precedence over providing food and shelter, the next debt collector chasing you, the next desperate attempt to relocate to escape people and businesses you've abused, your many trips to the ER for drugs and because no one in your family ever has any insurance, the next vehicle that you wreck while driving without a drivers license or any kind of legal paperwork on it, etc., etc. I'm proud of my hard work and my family and I know you'll be looking just like you are now. Maybe you should log off and find a job or pay attention to your wayward children but you won't because hating me is easier than putting the effort into taking care of your messed up life. You've been repeating the same disfunctional cycle for your whole adult life and now you've started your children on it too. But like you said the last time I spoke to you before I cut you off 6 years ago, "It was good enough for me". How's that working for you or your children?
That's all the time and energy I will waste on you and yours. Please quit trying to contact me. You would think you would have gotten the hint after SIX YEARS! but obviously, your obsessed. I know you will continue to enjoy my posts and photos. Stalk away, see what your life could be if you weren't so lazy and actually got some mental help.
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