Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Beginning Tae kwon Do final


Spring 2010 Taekwondo beginning class final test

1.       The meaning of "TAE" is foot.

2.       2. The meaning of "Kwon" is hand.

3.       The meaning of "Do" is the act you perform with your hand or foot; punching, hitting, making a fist.  The way or righteousness

4.       What are the practical techniques in Taekwondo?  Basic movements; Stance, punching, blocking, kicking, and Poomsae(form), fighting (be faster, better), self defense (meditation), breaking, and dance

5.       "KI AP" breathing is the most important –rhythm- exhalation on exertion.  The focus of power and concentration of energy.

6.       The 5 different ages in Taekwondo are; ancient times (focus on defense), middle ages (focus on loyalty never giving up and only killing when necessary), modern times( focus on becoming a sport and indomitable spirit), present day (focus on dance like movement, art), and Olympic (focus on competition and achievement)

7.       "POOMSA" means form and movement or the execution of a series of movements together to become a form

8.       1. The meaning of martial is military or defense   2.  The meaning of arts is philosophy or way of thinking

9.       It is not about fighting, it's about discipline.  It is not about winning, it's about respect.  It is not about them, it's about you.  Respect, showing courteously, integrity, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.

10.     1. Ha-na, Dul, Set, Net, Ta-sot, Ya-sot, Il-gop, Yo-dolb, Ah-hup, Yol    2. Ahn young ha sae yo?  3. Kam sa ham ni da!

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