Thursday, May 10, 2007

Congratulations Carmina!

You managed to find the one area in my life that isn't going well. My mother is so drugged on pain medicine that she prob. doesn't even remember all that has happened in the last few years. She is very lonely these days as she has moved to senior apartments and has alienated all of her family...they wanted her placed in a nursing home. After she let someone into her apartment last month and they stole her purse and all of her money..maybe they are right. I tried to get her to move to assisted living but she wouldn't consider it. She still has enough lucid moments (although they are getting fewer and farther between)that she managed to fool (or the woman just didn't care) the case worker that my aunts and uncle managed to get to check on her. She has a "home health aide" that goes to her house once a week to clean and run errands but the girl she had before (from the same agency) use to come and spend all of her time running the errands and none cleaning. She even was "borrowing" money from my mother as I found out when she called once when I was there and told my mother that she couldn't come unless she could "borrow" $20 for gas. She was finally fired when she and her husband told my mother they would move and pack her for $200 (I had found movers for $300 but my mother said she already had it "taken care of") and ripped her of. She let them have the keys to her house for 3 days so the girl could pack for her. My mother, her cat, tv and a futon were at her new apartment during those 3 days. I had no idea this was the arrangement she had made till she called me telling me that the husband refused to bring any more of her things over until he was paid $200 more. They had basically taken everything of value in the 3 days they had the keys anyway. They were so low they even stole her oxygen compressor and left her at her new apartment without any oxygen (she is suppose to be on 6 liters of oxygen at all times and she is still smoking) This is how unclear my mothers thinking is. When I go see her (which is getting harder and harder to do), she is either so drugged that she sleeps through Lilith and I being there or she tells me how I don't care about her anymore, threw her away, and other horrible things (or worse she spends the whole time crying because she is in so much pain).
Are you proud of yourself now?
Do you feel like you have WON?
Does it feel good?
I am sure you will enjoy poking fun and harrasing me about the drug induced delusions that my mother writes. She is so lonely and as I have stated above, has pushed everyone else away, that she might even be happy to have some attention, even if it is cruel and mean spirited and from you.
I hope you feel really proud of yourself.

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