Saturday, April 21, 2007

Exodus from Obesity

This book is written by an RN that lost 100+ pounds through a diet and exercise program only to gain it all back in a few years and having gastric by pass surgery. She now mentors lots of bariatric patients. Her advice is pretty consistant with the other books that I have been reading but in a very reader friendly format. She gets real with you (if not a little preachy at times). She says you have to use the surgery as a tool or it won't work for you. She states over and over again to ;
1. eat protein first (2/3 of your meal) (meat, fish, chicken, beans, etc.) Protein suppresses your appetite and is crucial for rebuilding cells. 2. eat three meals a day, no more than 5 hours apart 3. eat vegetables next; then some fruit (not necessarily a whole one) 4. NO SNACKING 5. drink 64 oz of water a day 6. exercise
She deals a lot more with the emotional aspects of the surgery than some of the other books that I have read and unlike some of the other authors, she doesn't pretend that it is all great and wonderful. She also states the obvious that no other author has even touched on in my reading so far; you have to deal with what your weight did for you and why you were obese in the first place. She talks about people that have used their weight as an excuse not to live their lives, not to be social, to blame their failures on, to keep the opposite sex away, to protect agains being hurt, etc. She is very honest about how painful dealing with some of these issues may be. I liked this book and found it very easy to read and apply to my life

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