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Online English ...just a portion of my summer class workload

Major Assignments:

The following is a brief overview of the major

writing assignments for this course. More

detailed instructions will follow as the semester

progresses. You will be expected to write and

revise four major academic essays on a range

of topics. This class is structured to first have

you write about what you know (pop culture)

and then apply your new writing skills to a

lesser known topic (community profile and

policy paper). A schedule for each unit will be

provided at the beginning of each unit.

Each unit will require your participation in

discussion and forums worth 50 points (for

a total of 200 points).

Unit 1: Talk Back (100 points): You will write a

summary and analysis of short argumentative


Unit Two: Analysis of Popular Culture

Artifact (150 points): You will analyze a pop

culture artifact of your choice (such as a song,

television show, movie, website, comic, game,

fashion, image, advertisement, etc) both for

what it says and how it says it. The goal is to

demonstrate how (and how well) the artifact

achieves its effects.

Unit Three: Community Profile (150 points):

You will write a profile of an Alaskan non-profit

that deals with an issue that interests you or is

controversial. This assignment requires an

interview and research. Start thinking about this

paper early!

Unit Four: Advocacy and Argument (250

points): For this final paper, you will compose

an academic research paper that pertains to a

particular policy your advocacy group from Unit

3 advocates for or against.

Additional Assignments:

Quizzes (100 points): There will be ten online

quizzes this semester worth 10 points each

(100 points total). Quizzes are usually multiple

choice and are composed of five questions

each. Quizzes will be focused on concepts

addressed in our textbook, supplemental

readings, my lectures, or discussion board


Final Exam (50 points): The final exam is

worth 50 points of your final grade and will

discussed later this summer.

Discussion Board Posts (200 points total):

Both as a whole, and in small groups, the

discussion board will be our primary mode of

conversation throughout the semester. You are

expected to read and respond to all assigned

discussion board threads by the deadlines.

Each unit has a discussion board/forum

component worth 50 points.

Readings: Each unit includes a set of required

readings that will introduce key concepts and

provide examples of writing strategies. Many of

your discussion board posts will rely on your

completion of the required readings.

Peer Review: A significant part of this course

will involve peer review and working through the

writing process. During each unit, you will

participate in a peer review of your major essay.

To get full credit, you must submit a full draft of

your essay on time, provide & receive

feedback, and incorporate that feedback into

your final draft.

Date Assignments and Deadlines

Week 1: 5/16 - 5/21 Introduction. Start Unit 1: Talk Back

Week 2: 5/22 - 5/28 Unit 1: Talk Back

DUE: Wednesday, 5/26 PEER REVIEW


Week 3: 5/29 - 6/4 DUE: Tuesday, 5/31 Talk Back Paper

Start Unit 2: Rhetorical Analysis

Week 4: 6/5 - 6/11 Unit 2: Rhetorical Analysis

Week 5: 6/12 - 6/18 Unit 2: Rhetorical Analysis

DUE: Wednesday, 6/15 PEER REVIEW


Week 6: 6/19 - 6/25 DUE: Monday, 6/20 Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Start Unit 3: Community Profile

Week 7: 6/26 - 7/2 Unit 3: Community Profile

Week 8: 7/3 - 7/9 Unit 3: Community Profile

DUE: Wednesday, 7/6 PEER REVIEW


Week 9: 7/11 - 7/16 DUE: Monday, 7/12 Community Profile Paper

Start Unit 4: Advocacy and Argument

Week 10: 7/17 - 7/23 Unit 4: Advocacy and Argument

Week 11: 7/24 - 7/30


Unit 4: Advocacy and Argument

DUE: Monday, 7/25 PEER REVIEW


DUE: Friday, 7/29 Advocacy and Argument Paper

DUE: Saturday, 7/30 Final
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