Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vitamin D deficiency video and questions for nutrition class

Dr. Heaney Video Presentation Questions

After watching the video presentation by Dr. Heaney on Vitamin D (, please briefly answer the following questions. This video goes into more depth that you will be expected to know. I am not concerned that you memorize lots of details, but rather you get a sense of what type of research is going on in the area of Vitamin D. This is also a good example of the shift in mindset related to the role of vitamins.
Questions to answer while watching the video presentation:,

1. How do Dr. Heaney’s views of “deficiency” differ from more traditional methods of viewing deficiency? (2 pts)

2. What diseases does Dr. Heaney suggest are related to suboptimal vitamin D levels? (2 pts)

3. What are Dr. Heaney’s views on the Tolerable Upper Limit (potential of toxicity) of Vitamin D? (1 pt)

4. What do the studies that Dr. Heaney reports on suggest about the prevalence of suboptimal vitamin D levels (you don’t need to provide any specific numbers, just a general idea of prevalence)? (1 pt)

5. What are the two forms of Vitamin D that Dr. Heaney references? (1 pt)

6. What does Dr. Heaney feel is the minimum level serum 25(OH)D should be to support body systems (in nmol/L)? (1 pt)

7. What does Dr. Heaney suggest as an optimal Vitamin D intake? How does this compare to the current AI? (1 pt)

NOTE: IOM stands for Institutes of Medicine – they set many standards for health recommendations

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